Nashik Division


The Institute has it's second branch at Panchwati, Nashik. The entire campus comprises with Maharashtra Vidyalaya, Ashram-Hostel, Hostel for poor and destitutes. The second branch of the Institute started in the year 1926 on May 19th at the holy and sacred place where Lord Rama had stayed called Panchwati. In the beginning, the Hostel for 75 students and the school was started. Now, around 700 students from the Pre-primary section to the Secondary Section are getting their education. At Nasik, the facilities of lodging and boarding are provided along with education for 50 poor and destitute students.


The accomodation be to granted and lodging to be made available to the student, who has lost parents or either one of them, and who has completed 10 years. It also provides education to the students of the above category from Class 5th onwards. The Institute opened this section in the year 1977. The Hostel receives aid partly from the Government. Now about 100 students are getting the benefits of the scheme. Totally 150 students combining "Nirashrit and Ardhasanath" are being looked after by the Institution.